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All my Perl modules are hosted on CPAN.


Kernel Density Estimates and Histograms.


  • Kernel Density Estimates using Gaussian, Box, or Epanechnikov kernels.
  • Access kernel estimates for both the probability density and the cumulative distribution function.
  • Limited support for bandwidth optimization.
  • Classical histograms and empirical distribution functions.

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Spreadsheet-like formatting for HTML tables, with data-dependent coloring and highlighting.


  • User-defined formatting of first, last, even, and odd rows or columns.
  • Conditional formatting, based on the contents of each cell.
  • Sorting (on any column or combination of columns, with user defined sort-order).
  • Pagination of the data set.
  • Definition of "views", i.e. restriction of the set of columns shown.
  • User-defined column captions.
  • On-the-fly formatting and collating of the data.

Visit the Gallery for examples.
Visit CPAN for full documentation and download.


A Perl module with several easy-to-use functions to handle color, specifically color space conversions.


Color Space Conversions
Color space conversions, in particular between the "intuitive" color spaces HSV (Hue/Saturation/Value) and HLS (Hue/Lightness/Saturation) to and from RGB (Red/Green/Blue).
Color Lookup
Color lookup by name for three standard sets of colors: WWW/CSS, SVG, and X11.
Color Gradients
Management of color gradients, which can be indexed by a floating point number in the range 0..1. (Mostly intended for false-color data visualization.)

Visit CPAN for full documentation and download.